With you every step of the way!

Every sefer you hold in your hand contains innumerable hours of investment, painstaking toil. It’s a product of the heart and soul, of someone’s blood, sweat and tears. It is not a one-man job, but a multifaceted project that calls upon the skills and talents of many special individuals who work cooperatively to turn a dream into a reality.

Publishing a book or sefer comprises several crucial stages, none of which can be omitted, but some which can operate simultaneously in order to speed up the printing and publishing process.

An author approaches our publishing house with a sheaf of handwritten or printed pages, or alternately with a disc or file. Occasionally, a talmid will even arrive with a shoebox box filled with recorded shiurim, which Tzuf can easily convert into book format. At Tzuf Publishers, we pride ourselves on going out of our way to meet the customer’s needs and accommodate any special requests.

Stage 1: Typing More often than not, chiddushei Torah are presented to the publisher on a handwritten sheaf of papers, some crumpled, others barely legible due to numerous cross outs and multiple erasing. Tzuf employs a large staff of typists who excel not only in speed and efficiency, but also in deciphering illegible handwriting! Simultaneously, we offer first-rate transcription services, using transcription artists who type at the rate of speech and swiftly convert hours of shiurim into readable, lucid format. In addition, Tzuf employs a team of meticulous workers trained to insert proper nekudos into text as necessary.

Stage 2: Content Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading A good sefer is a well-written sefer, which translates into a combination of absorbing content, superior language skills and flawless text. Many are the outstanding talmidei chachamim who lack the linguistic talent to eloquently express their thoughts and messages in the written word, with clarity and fluidity. Those who do possess these skills may still falter in spelling or grammar; and even those who excel in all of the above are still human beings prone to natural error.

To turn your manuscript into a masterpiece, Tzuf Publishers employs a phenomenal staff of content editors, language editors and proofreaders who work to correct, enhance and refine text, polishing your diamonds to a shine. Since every editor injects his own distinct flavor into the sefer, Tzuf offers clients several samples of edited text, allowing him to choose the one that best matches his taste and unique style.

Stage 3: Layout & Design Tzuf Publishers employs a team of gifted layout artists who design the ideal page to match your sefer and content to the desired size. While inserting text onto a page may sound quite basic; page layout is actually an entire world of design unto itself. There are dozens of font options, ranging from simple to elaborate; countless page styles including basic, ornate, comprising one style or size of text or more, as well as options for comments in the margins, footnotes, etcetera. At Tzuf, we work to fill every request and create the ultimate page design for your sefer.

Stage 4: Graphic Design We’re told never to judge a book by its cover, but nevertheless, we all do. We also automatically evaluate a sefer based on the quality of its design, comfort and legibility. Graphic design is thus an essential facet of publishing, as it presents the reader with that crucial first impression and also accompanies him throughout the entire reading and learning experience. A quality sefer or book features an eye-catching design that fosters comfortable, smooth reading. Tzuf’s staff of professional graphic artists is divided into several teams, assigned to different aspects of your sefer. Our cover designers communicate directly with you and are attentive to your requests and feelings in designing a cover that conveys the message of your sefer. Other graphic artists design the interior pages, fashioning beautiful acknowledgment pages, tribute pages, and a front page that inspires the reader to read on. Finally, we also offer the services of a select team of graphic designers who create eye-catching newspaper ads that help you promote your brand-new sefer.

Stage 5: Printing The final stage of printing is a world unto itself, encompassing numerous facets ranging from selecting paper quality, color and thickness to choosing a cover and cover material. There’s leather, faux leather and paper to choose from, not to mention standard, matte, chrome or laminated pages, and that’s just the very beginning… At Tzuf, we encourage the customer to decide. Yet, appreciating how overwhelming and confusing such a choice can be, we accompany you every step of the way, gently guiding your choice to ensure that you receive the very best for your sefer.

After the client has made an informed decision and confirmed his choice, Tzuf designs the product and presents him with the negative (a sample of how the final sefer will appear in print)—which is also the final opportunity to insert any changes. Once the negative is approved, the complete file is sent to press, where the dream becomes a reality. Yet even now the job is not over. After the pages are printed, they must be carefully collated, folded and sewn into the binding. With the inside of the sefer complete, the bare books are sent to a binder who attaches them to their cover and creates a masterpiece!

Your sefer.