Genazim V’Shaalos U’Teshuvos Chazon Ish
Author: Harav Avraham Koenig, shlit”a
Special thanks and blessings to Tzuf Publishers, and its owner R’ Natan Feldman, shlit”a, for their tireless devotion and attention to every detail in publishing this sefer in its beautiful, splendid format.

Ama Devar
Author: Harav Meir Felbinski
I want to thank Tzuf Publishers and specifically its director, Mr. Natan Feldman, for his tireless efforts in creating this beautiful publication. May Hashem help him and aid all his future endeavors.

Shaalos U’Teshuvos Tiferes Yosef
Author: Harav Yosef Zalicka, ztvk”l, Rav of Pardes Katz
I wish to extend my special thanks to the staff at Tzuf Publishers and specifically the director, R’ Natan Feldman, shlit”a, whose efforts turned this sefer into a reality. They spared no efforts, nor hours of the day or night, to ensure that the sefer would be published error-free, quickly and with exceptional beauty.

Heichal Hora’ah
Author: Hagaon Harav Moshe Bronsdorfer, shlit”a, Av Beis Din Heichal Hora’ah
Many thanks to R’ Natan Feldman, shlit”a, director of Tzuf Publishers, and his wonderful faculty who perform their work l’shem shamayim, with diligence and efficiency, with a discerning eye and understanding heart. It is only thanks to them that this beautiful sefer was published in its current format.

Shmiras Ha’Peh K’hilchaso
Author: Harav Aharon Margaliot, shlit”a, author of As Long As I Live
I pray to the Master of the World that He shall bentch R’ Natan Feldman of Tzuf Publishers who worked tirelessly and devotedly, sparing no effort to publish a superior, flawless sefer.

Kol Yaakov
Author: Harav Yaakov Zruk, shlit”a
I relay my heartfelt blessings to my dear friend, R’ Natan Feldman of Tzuf Publishers who is renowned among mechabrei sefarim for his royal treatment and the deep honor and respect that he accords to each client and sefer, as if it were the only sefer he ever published...