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How it all began…

Tzuf Publishers was officially founded in 2001 by R’ Natan Feldman, but the real story precedes that…
Natan shares:

Four years earlier, in 1997, my grandfather Hagaon Harav Efraim Zuriban, zt”l, passed away. Once the initial mourning period had passed, my extended family approached me with a request to compile a sefer in his memory that would include a large number of my grandfather’s chiddushei Torah along with other Torah-based essays penned by venerable Roshei Yeshiva.

Armed with a dual sense of mission and obligation, and fortified with deep love and respect for my grandfather, I accepted the task. Only three months later, Sefer Zichron Efraim appeared on bookshelves and received tremendous positive feedback throughout the Torah world not only for its rich content, but also for its external elements including attractive cover and binding, striking layout and design and clear, legible font.

The outstanding success of this project ignited the business acumen within me. I reflected that I had spent the past months meeting typists, editors and proofreaders, as well as visiting every department in printing houses; and I determined to exploit and expand my newly-acquired knowledge by opening a publishing house of my own. Based on my personal experiences, I simultaneously resolved that my company would offer unparalleled customer service, top quality and standards rarely seen on the market.

How many budding Torah scholars have toiled mornings and nights, days, months and years to lovingly create a masterpiece? With the first draft complete, the author then devotes hundreds of hours to painstakingly enhance and polish every phrase and sentence until deeming his work complete. After years of effort, he proudly makes his way to a publishing house, his heart pounding eagerly in excitement and pride. He enters the office to encounter a flurry of activity and a secretary who laconically instructs him, “Put your papers down over there, and the manager will return your call in a day or two.” Chagrined, he parts with his beloved work and leaves the office, his spirits slightly dampened.

One day passes, and then two. On the fourth day, the aspiring author dares to call the publishing house and remind the secretary that he’s still waiting for the manager to return his call… Of course, service may arrive quicker, but inevitable issues and complications arise that I myself endured and resolved that none of my own clients would ever know.

With all this, and more, in mind, I proudly founded Tzuf Publishers with the hallmark feature of unmatched customer service, quality and speed without compromise. At Tzuf, you’ll feel right at home, comfortable and respected. Every prospective client is received with a warm greeting, and his request is immediately addressed. We welcome your calls, feedback and requests any hour of the day, and we go above and beyond to accommodate your wishes with the goal of printing the sefer of your dreams. Furthermore, our unlimited service policy in no way compromises the top quality end product that you receive.